# Installation

# 1. Install with NPM or Yarn


npm install --save vue-concurrency


yarn add vue-concurrency

# 2. Make sure your AJAX solution throws errors on error responses

This is necessary so that error handling works well with Tasks. Axios throws errors by default, fetch doesn't.

If you're using Fetch API, please follow the instructions here.

# 3. Add polyfills for Internet Explorer (optional)

vue-concurrency uses CAF under the hood which utilizes AbortController and Symbol. Both of these are not supported in IE.

If you need to support IE, you need to polyfill those two.

Symbol polyfill is probably already included for you as it's most likely shipped as part of Vue itself. But depending from Vue version and build tooling, it might also need to be added:

Fetch polyfill is not needed (unless you use it:))